About Us

Pounce is all about making IT sexy!

It is our mission to deliver killer marketing campaigns that help you stand out from the pack.

Our Story

We decided to take a look at our fast-evolving industry from the inside out.

It was clear to us that the big, unwieldy agencies were losing their way. They lacked flexibility, and their generic approach to B2B marketing was leaving clients unsatisfied.

It became obvious that businesses needed something different; a nimble, forward-thinking approach that would help to bring in new customers and sell more products.

That’s when we decided to evolve the old, restrictive species of marketing models and create something leaner, stronger, faster and better.

And that’s when Pounce was born. Ever since then we’ve made it our business to deliver killer marketing solutions that prod, poke and produce results.

Over the years we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with dozens of tech and IT companies – both young and established – and speak to their customers in ways that are both impactful and engaging.

We’d love to help you do the same.

Our Fearless Leader


With a deep understanding of how to build enduring brands for the B2B landscape. Simran is passionate about delivering innovative communication solutions that are driven by creativity, guided by strategy and focused on results.

As a seasoned marketer, she focuses on the whole picture. And when working with her talented team, looks to apply an end-to-end approach across every piece of communication.

Simran is passionate about ensuring her clients have access to Pounce’s full suite of integrated marketing solutions.

This, she believes, will allow them to partner with one consultancy that can deliver a consistent and powerful voice across all touch points. Prior to launching her own business, Simran spent over six years in the IT industry.

Our Team


We’re a friendly bunch of thinkers, dreamers, data lovers and creative doers. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and focus on creating stand-out campaigns delivering to multiple business objectives.


Want to lead the pack, instead of following it? Looking to make your competitors extinct? Like a faster, leaner more agile way of talking to your customer? We’d love to help you with your next project.

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